How Much Does It Cost To Own a WZ?

Owning Your Own WZ Eats Is Within Your Reach. Here Are The Estimated Costs of Opening Your Own Restaurant.

ExpenditureLow InvestmentHigh Investment
TOTAL Estimated$306,500$423,470
Initial Franchise Fee$20,000$25,000
Leasehold Improvements$80,000$135,000
Equipment & Furniture$86,000$115,000
Initial Opening Inventory$7,000$7,000
Computer P.O.S. System$16,500$18,970
Office Equipment & Phone System$1,500$2,500
Digital Security System$1,000$2,000
Initial Marketing Investment$15,000$15,000
Insurance (Down Payment)$1,000$2,500
Real Estate Cost$5,000$12,000
Architectural Plans $6,000$12,000
Utility Deposit $1,500$5,000
Drop Safe$1,000$1,000
Branding Package$4,000$6,000
Audio Visual$2,000$4,000
Miscellaneous Incidental $2,500$2,500
Your Out-of-Pocket Initial Training Expenses$2,500$4,000
Pre-opening Training / Mock Rush$12,000$12,000
Additional Funds (over next 3 months)$35,000$35,000

These expenses are estimates of your initial investment prior to commencing operations for a WZ EATS® Business and for the first three months thereafter. These estimates are based on historic data over 24 years of experience. More specifically, estimated expenses represent your initial investment for a WZ EATS® Business with approximately 1,200 square feet in a leased space provided landlord has supplied a “vanilla box” which provides dine-in, delivery and carry-out services.

We cannot guarantee that you will not have additional expenses starting the business. Your costs will depend on how closely you follow the WZ EATS® system standards, your management skill, experience, business acumen, local economic conditions, acceptance by local consumers of our approved services, prevailing wage rates, competition, etc. We’ve made no estimate regarding real estate acquisition costs. We do not require you to acquire real estate. Leasehold improvements are estimated for improvements to a space with requisite square footage received from the landlord as a vanilla shell, which you must remodel and equip to conform to our standards and specifications. We make no representation as to whether any of the estimated investment amounts are refundable.