The WZ EATS Brand

After 25 years—Wing Zone wanted to change the look and feel from primarily a “to-go” concept to one that had a wider appeal.

Demographic and generational trends have prompted changes in our concept over the past few years. If you have young adult children—you understand that the Gen Y “ers” have gravitated more towards technology and convenience. They have grown up in a digital world and identify with the fast-casual restaurant segment—however they engage with concepts that provide convenience in the form of technology and speed. They are also looking for a product that provide healthier options and eco-friendly.

After 25 years—Wing Zone wanted to change the look and feel from primarily a “to-go” concept to one that had a wider appeal. A new in-restaurant design that welcomed customers and allowed us to engage in a whole new level of service was the goal. From our initial interaction at the point of sale to additional engagements at the table have changed the customer experience. These changes are the cornerstone of the WZ Eats concept. WZ Eats is focused on providing convenience through online ordering and dedicated VIP takeout line. Couple this with an elevated in-restaurant experience and you have a brand that has evolved to the next generation of excellence.  


We Tend To Provide An In-Restaurant Experience To Younger Generations That Want The Opportunity To Enjoy A Variety Of Menu Items

Having the ability to have a relationship with our brand is important to this segment and our marketing supports this interaction through social channels and the in-restaurant experience. Our staff is young and hip and relates well to our in-restaurant customers.

However—this does not change the fact that we have a huge takeout business and provide an online ordering and VIP pick-up for the customers who want the convenience of a well designed “to-go” experience.

So regardless of the demographic—the future of WZ Eats is designed around both the “in restaurant” and “to go” experience. This strategy is central to the “should I stay or should I go” choice.


Technology And What We Call “Live Convenience” Are The Cornerstone Of The WZ Eats “To Go” Strategy.

A VIP online ordering approach coupled with a dedicated takeout line will help us provide a memorable and branded customer experience.

Our goal is to meet the future demands of our customers at their specific time-related point of need. It really is that simple—anticipating our customer’s needs, providing the convenience of on-line ordering and then ensuring that the pick-up or delivery is memorable is foundation for all of the changes that we have made to our store design and footprint.