Our Story

Every brand has a story. It is the story that often differentiates one concept from another. Our story is no different.

The plot relates to a series of events over 25 years that provided opportunities for Wing Zone to continue to evolve. We are very proud of our past and excited about our future.

The Wing Zone Story

Back in 1991, finding amazing flavor wasn’t so easy in Gainesville, FL, where Matt Friedman and Adam Scott attended the University of Florida. If, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, a craving for wings must be the father. To satisfy their need for incredible wings, Matt and Adam decided they’d have to create the best wings in Gainesville themselves.

Fraternity House Origins

The roots of the Wing Zone flavors began to take shape in Matt and Adam’s frat house kitchen, where they spent countless hours communing with their brethren, cooking up wings and getting lively critiques from frat-house brothers. Luckily for Matt and Adam, their desperation for quality wings came at such an opportune time in their lives—they had a house full of willing test subjects at a school renowned for its sports teams! It was a match made in fraternity heaven for all involved! All those hours spent slaving away to keep the wings coming and the guys fed helped them perfect the recipes that would one day become Wing Zone’s trademark flavors—and night after night of selling out of food gave them the confidence to venture out of the frat house and into the big, wide world of wings. The Wing Zone concept was born!

Leap of Faith

Demand for Matt and Adam’s wings quickly outgrew the confines of the frat-house kitchen; as did their aspirations. They knew they had a winning concept on their hands and they were ready to run with it; so they opened their first location. From that first humble storefront, the enticing and creative flavors led both US and International expansion. Wing Zone had entered the fast-casual restaurant sector and their creative flavors were becoming popular among the Generation X crowd.

Growth and Renown

Matt and Adam are now among the chosen few ever to be inducted into the Buffalo Wing Hall of Flame… and their fraternity brothers can say they knew them when! Wing Zone’s flavors are recognized year after year as the Festival Favorite at the National Buffalo Wing Festival where “Buffalo Bliss” is the official flavor for the wing-eating competition. Wing Zone has also received awards for “Hot Shot”, “Thai Chili” and “Garlic Parm.” Now, we’re looking toward the future of Wing Zone yet again. Some things never change… Matt and Adam keep cooking up new ideas, combining new flavors and continuing their quest for the best and greatest wings on the planet! We’re hoping you’re ready to join us.

The Re-Brand

We have taken the very best of Wing Zone and 25 years of business to create WZ Eats. Read More About Our Evolution Now.